Cesar Sanchez

Cesar Sanchez

Chef de Cuisine

Hi! My name is Cesar Sanchez I am a native of Morelos, Mexico. I have been a part of the New York catering business since 1996. I believe that I am living the American Dream.

In 1996, I began my career as a dishwasher in a Tribeca commercial kitchen with the dream of moving behind the stove as a chef. When a catering company began sharing the kitchen space, I quickly made it known to the chef that I was always ready to help prepping vegetables, cleaning shrimp, or washing greens. I watched and learned everything that was being created. In less than 2 years, I was a freelance Kitchen assistant for Susan Holland and Company. In 2000, when she moved from that kitchen, I became the Sous Chef to Executive Chef Edward Magel who soon became my friend and mentor. Under Chef Magel's guidance and support, I grew in my knowledge and expertise of varied cuisines, food production, and kitchen management.

In the ensuing years, I moved on to work with many of the top NY caterers including Abigail Kirsh, Great performances, Gracious Thyme, and Tentacion. I am currently a key player in the kitchen of Some Things Fishy Catering, Ltd.

While remaining an enthusiastic supporter of my native Mexican cuisine I have grown into a proponent of the fresh clean flavors of Some Things Fishy Catering as well as the current trend of letting all of the ethnic ingredients available merge into a new "Fusion" based palette. I have a vibrant enjoyment for life that resonates on my food.

My passion is food and soccer. My one big love is my son Edward Sanchez.